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Web Hosting Services

MAPS provides web hosting,Our eminent,fast and quality web hosting service makes us the best and preferred company to host your small business website; personal web site to large portals and e commerce portals.Our reliable hosting services are also ideal for corporate websites and businesses online. We are your web host for everything from Web Design,SEO tools, Domain Names, email hosting and powerful web hosting features.

MAPS serves you with:

  • Fast and reliable servers.
  • Quality Webhosting space.
  • User friendly website development team
  • FTP access
  • Independent IP

Private domain registration provide additional functionalities to stop domain-related spam, end data mining, deter identity theft, prevent harassers & stalkers and protect the domain owner's family

Shared Hosting

No other operating system can beat the speed, reliability and the features that Linux has. With over 200 different pre-installed features it is the choice operating system for 80% of clients. Offering streaming audio & video, unlimited email accounts, PoP email accounts, secure server ssl access,cent OS, and total account management using our exclusive CPanel/Whm Interface

Windows server provides powerful performance for your website. With complete support for all popular Microsoft applications including MS Access, SQL , Active Server Pages, .NET, FrontPage 2002 and much more makes our Windows server packages perfect for any webmaster needing complete reliability, scalability and back-end support for today's demanding web sites. Each Account also gets a control panel to manage all aspects of their site.

Linux shared Hosting details
  • Latest Cpanel/WHM control panel software
  • BIND
  • Perl ASP
  • CGI/Perl5
  • Apache web server
  • TomCat for Java
  • MySQL Database Support
  • Webalizer
  • Preinstalled Formmail, Counter etc.
  • PhpMyAdmin

Windows shared hosting details
  • Latest Plesk Control Panel
  • SQL Server Support
  • ASP 3.0 Support
  • ASP .NET Support
  • Components CDONTS ,ASPMail ,JMail , SoftArtisan SAFileUP and Studio
  • TomCat for Java
  • Coldfusion
  • Ms Access Support

Dedicated Servers

You have clients who require web space?Then this is the right place for your hosting requirement,You can setup your customer accounts in quick time. Master control panel allows you to maintain and manage each of your customers. Whether you need a 100meg or 20gigs of space we have the reseller package for you.

MAPS offers Web Hosting Services from its own data centers located in USA,UK and India.

Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated hosting plans are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of any application, portal or web site, anywhere in the world, with customizable bandwidth or disk space requirements:

  • Branded Dell, Compaq and IBM Servers
  • 99.998% server up time
  • Windows or Linux operating systems supported
  • Support for applications that run on Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Dedicated IP address with the option for additional IP addresses
  • Server Activity Monitoring
  • Server Backup and Restore features
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Co-Location Hosting

Our Co-location hosting provides a more cost effective alternative when compared to maintaining your own data centre. With our Co-location hosting, you can place a server, firewall, and/or switch into our data centre and leverage our existing infrastructure and network operations experts. Goyal Infotechcan customize plans and provide you with an all-inclusive price for the rack space, power usage, and bandwidth.

Schedule an appointment to tour our facilities and discuss the advantages of outsourcing your hosting:

  • 24X7 access to your servers
  • On-site hardware and software upgrades
  • 24X7 dedicated technical support
  • 24X7 server up time monitoring
  • Automatic power back-up if an outage occurs
  • Data back-up, recovery and restore capabilities

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are a great alternative to a dedicated server. It provides you with many of the benefits.....our Virtual Servers are the right option for you.

  • Cost effective option for specialized hosting needs
  • Servers use the latest virtualization technologies (Vmware, Citrix, Windows HyperV)
  • Partitioned server that shares the resources of the hosted server
  • Ability to gain full desktop or Root access to your server
  • Choose from either Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Customize firewall and bandwidth requirements